4 steps to change your content marketing strategy

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Behind the scenes: How we change our message?

Buzzing and being attractive nowadays is hard. By the time you read this post, more than:

  • 15 days of videos uploaded on youtube
  • 1,3 million messages tweeted
  • 1,1 million posts on Instagram

How to be original and noticeable?

A lot of products are helping people by creating content and I think their blog is full of useful content.
I have in my mind Buffer for example, who has attracted attention. Vaynermedia, the company of Gary Vee trade “attention”. Some companies like Chubbies stick to their core values and create a unique message.
I needed with my co-founder to take a step back and think about our brand and our blog strategy.

New beginnings new strategy

In the last month, we looked for inspiration. We analyzed brands on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Medium. Everything we could find to step up our game.

Also, I read books about product management, growth hacking and personal brands.
It was easier for me to write for my personal blog and also to find topics to write about. I applied this strategy to our blog.

Reponse021 is one of the topics that came up. Talking about us and our journey. This post aims to share with you our thinking.

We explain in step 4 one of the most important point for us and how did we put some time to find it out. We use those steps to link our content creation and our social media strategy. It will help us bring context to our content.

Let’s crack on on the explanation.

Step 1: Focus on you and your partner

One of the rules in entrepreneurship is to focus. In my head, it applies also to social media and to content creation. We need to focus our effort towards our audience. We couldn’t waste time talking about everything.

We needed to stick to our passion. We didn’t know in details the message but we knew what motivates us. We knew why we were building ReponseIO.

Talking about us is the best way we found to communicate our brand.

How did we apply it

ReponseIO is here to bring something new. We believe that the current offer is too fragmented. Social marketers have to juggle with many tools to be efficient. On another hand, growth hacker with developer skills knows how to use APIs to grow their community.

ReponseIO aims to be an assistant, a daily partner, a new way to know, answer, grow your community. We want to bring a revolution, bring down borders and barriers, and give marketers new tools. Tools they don’t usually have access to.

ReponseIO is our revolution. Daily tasks made easier!

We know there is already big actors in that field and it doesn’t scare us.

Step 2: Focus on what you are doing

Once we knew ourselves, we had to focus on what we were doing. By working on it, we were encountering struggles and obstacles. Through time, we were acquiring knowledge which helped us surpass those challenges.

How could we communicate our knowledge?

We had to find diverse topics. Those topics will be our line to define our content.

Also by relating those topics to hashtags, we could use them to differentiate ourselves. We want to create habits and you want to. The hashtags are a way to do it, a beacon for our followers.
An example of that is #bufferchat, it’s a chat on Twitter every Wednesday. Buffer holds a session asking questions to their community. More than 200 people connect to take part in those chats.

How did we apply it

It’s only the beginning for us on this strategy and we decided to talk about who we are and what we are doing. So here is a list of the topic we are going to talk about:

  • #startup, #business and #entrepreneuship: This hashtag relates to the book and stories about us and our startup.
  • #heroes #community: We want to highlight our community and people who help us build ReponseIO.
  • #product, #analytics, #socialmedia and #marketing: All our thoughts about the impact of our solution to the community of social marketers.
  • #life, #fun, #open and #happiness: We want to share a bit of us with you all and share what we think about the market and our life as a startup.

Once we have enough content, our goal is to share those topics in a scheduled way. By creating habits, we hope we will be able to attach a day with a specific topic. We want to create traction and retention by acting that way.

Step 3: Decide on the right format

Once the second step done, the foundation is now set up and the last step will need a lot of back and forth. We know we couldn’t be right on our first try in this one…

Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific rule for this one. What I will say though is that we needed to adapt the format to our audience.


So when choosing the format, we had to decide what was the best way to talk about something:

  • Is it by posting pics on Instagram with a text explaining the * situation?
  • Is it by posting a video on youtube or live on periscope/facebook live?

We were the only one who could decide it. We had to be true to ourselves and our skills.

If you are not a writer and you don’t have the passion for it. Don’t try to write a book. Instead, for example, take everything through dictaphone and engage a ghostwriter.

How did we apply it

We decided to focus our efforts on four medias only.
We build our own blog at first. Then we changed our mind and use medium instead.

Medium Publication

You create directly an audience with the publication on medium. It creates automatically a newsletter for people following it.

Another trick: Medium publication are not close to you only, you can have guest bloggers. You can invite the writers you want to it. So with a bit of research, you can make your publication more attractive.

  • We will use Instagram to share our life and our story. We will also share our articles and the best quotes we found.
  • We will use Twitter to share articles that we find relevant. It is also a good source of information and interaction without boundaries.
  • Finally we will use Facebook to create another form of interaction and also connect with our friends and family through it.

We are not spending time on video right now. We decided to focus first on growing our community and create relevant content for all.

We may expand this strategy but we don’t know what works the best for us.

Step 4: Get some fun into it

Step 4 is about who you are, as a company, as humans. It is about your brand and your message you will have to find out what is your voice, what is your editorial line? What makes you unique?
For us, you can notice it on our logo. We wanted something which represents us and our values. We wanted something that we could play with.

Our content will have the same vibe we hope, we want it to be useful. We want it to be fun for everyone (sometimes). We want it to represent us.

I can’t explain this process in a simple paragraph. And I guess, it’s an important part of our story.

The only thing I could say for this one is to have fun. Don’t take it as a chore, don’t try to copy some other brand. Be yourself. If it doesn’t match with who you are, just forget it :)

Wrapping up

Those are the steps we applied to build our new strategy. Is it the right one? We don’t know yet. We try at least to move forward and see what are the mistakes we are doing.

It’s a tough process to go through. It took time, it took planning and research. We got stuck at the certain moment. Meditation and sports helped us get our ideas clearer. Be open and talk about it around you, it will be easier that way!

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What is your content strategy? Do you think we are completely wrong?I'd love to hear your thoughts on it?

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