Journey #001: Let it begins: Startup, Product and Why

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For NFL fans, reading the title may sound like hearing Dave Dameshek’s shame report. No shame here, just our first journey story.
It’s the new year and with the new year comes new resolutions and also challenges. One of it is to communicate even more and continue to give to the community.
We didn’t say it but one of the reasons we do what we do is to empower people. It is our “why”. #DailyReponse goes along with it.


Our journey

We want to tell our journey. We want to build it, one step at a time, and tell this story to everyone. We want to share our daily concern, our struggle, our moments of happiness and frustration.

This #DailyReponse will have always the same format. For now, it’s just a medium post and waves on Anchor. Later on, it could be a memo or a podcast that you could listen to.

Statement and belief: #Inclusivity

We want ReponseIO to be accessible for anybody. One of our belief is that we want our company to be inclusive. What do we mean by that statement?

We are developing a platform to empower social media marketers and brands. We want to help everyone with what we are doing. If you have any questions on how we tackled something specific for our startup, contact us on social media.
So let’s dive into our day.

DailyReponse 001: Why?

It seems silly to ask this question right now. You may be right. We started this adventure three months ago when I met my co-founder.
When I tried to build my first startup. I encountered restaurant and bar owners, social media marketers, entrepreneurs and brands. They had trouble managing social media. Those encounters brought me with the idea of ReponseIO.

As a person, I always wanted to help people. I wanted to help them have a better job, better life. I think it’s the same for my co-founder.
This is why it was important for me to have this discussion with him. Why were we doing that together? Why did we want to have a startup and build ReponseIO?

Starts with why?

You may recognize the title from a book of Simon Sinek. I just finished to read it again. It triggered the discussion I had with my co-founder and the thinking on the topic. It was important to me that we take a step back. We are building the website that is going to showcase our product and also who we are as a team.

We are way more than just a product. And our vision is bigger than what it is right now. It is just the beginning of a long adventure.
ReponseIO is not what defines us. We want to be ourselves. We want our company to represent why we do it. Our product will just come from that. This is why we spend some time on the “why”.

I don’t know if we are going to become a great brand, a great product, but, we believe in what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Why ReponseIO?

Each time I am going to a networking event, someone asks this specific question: “what is ReponseIO? What is your startup doing?” Now I have my answer.

ReponseIO empowers social media marketers, entrepreneurs and startup. We help them manage their brand by gathering and showing them the real truth about their performance. We help them know more about their community and the engagement on their activities. We help them listen, react, engage.

Our goal is to change the solution to take care of communities. By helping them be more creative and spending more time on what matters. We want to give life to this product which unleashes their passion.

We believe that social media become more and more complicated with time. It becomes more interesting and more powerful. It is the cornerstone of our current relations. The only issue is the noise and how to get rid of it. How to recognize your best fans? How to engage when it matters? How to know easily what works and what doesn't?

We are building a pledge to explain it.

Thanks for reading our first #DailyReponse.

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Philippe London
Phil is one of the co-founders of ReponseIO and works on building the best product ever. Living in London, he enjoys drinking whisky & coffee, discovering new places, good food and hitting the gym.