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There is a discussion right now between people that believe bots are going to change the way we interact with apps or businesses, and those who are still sceptical.
We decided to build ReponseIO, a social customer relationship management assistant, to empower our future users with bot technology.

Even if this is our goal, we are still in the early stages. We know that in the future, bots and AI will be part of our daily life. However, until then, businesses need to master the tools that are at their disposal right now, i.e. social media.

Just looking at the numbers below will give you an idea of how important social media is today.
If you are a social media manager or a customer happiness hero, these numbers will be familiar to you, but maybe not to your management.

Facebook Data

The two examples below may remind you of your company or one that you worked for.

Not everyone understands how it works

Social media is like talking to your parents about your love for Deliveroo as opposed to cooking food after work.

Startups and some companies understand the game because they live in that age. They live in the present.

Brand A: new channel, let’s apply the old recipe

Let’s take two brands. Brand A is a brand that used to do all its marketing on billboards and on commercials. They used to target different conferences to meet their customers. With the advance of social media, they decided it would be beneficial to advertise on Facebook and Twitter, and spend $10,000 to get new leads. They thought it worked the same way as more traditional forms of marketing/advertising so they didn’t try to change their brand or do anything different.

They didn’t see as bigger profits as they had hoped by advertising on social media. They didn’t understand how their competitors were making so much money on social media…

Brand B: let’s adapt and live in our age

Brand B has the same profile as A. They invested the same amount of money but instead of doing it the same way, they decided to completely review their campaign. They created 6 different messages and identified different target markets of people of different ages and professions.

They started slowly. First by experimenting with their ads on a small scale, and trying to engage and directly reach their target audience. Then they continuously improved and tailored their messages. After a while, they understood which messages appealed to which community. They ran more ads and built new offers which were created just by listening to those audiences.

Their investment was successful in terms of data and in terms of leads. They could reach their direct customers and users on topics that were important for them.

What is the main difference?

The main difference between these two brands is the age they are living in. Which age are you living in? Social media is not just for kids or for geeks, just look at those numbers above.

If you are reading this article and thinking: “If only my manager could read this”, don’t hesitate to send it to him.

We want to use the tools at our disposal so that we can make a difference. We are trying to build the right tool for you to create the right customer experience…
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