Our March release notes!

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March has been a fruitful month regarding development. We successively launched our application on Betalist, tested its robustness, discussed with several digital agencies which were interested in our platform and at the same time continued essential developments.
Our soft launch of ReponseIO on Betalist, allowed us to welcome our first users. We are happy to have reached more than 100 users in less than two weeks, more than 200 connected accounts, more than 50,000 people and messages.

This launch allowed us to prove two things:

  • the interest of a subject like social people analytics
  • the robustness of our message and our platform

Launch on Betalist and the robustness of our app

As a start-up or entrepreneur launching a product, there is one site that has become an institution in itself: [Betalist] ( It is a free or paid service for all startups wishing to launch their product. Other sites exist such as [ProductHunt] ( However, Betalist's specialty is pre-launches and alpha-beta launches to find testers and validate their project.
To our surprise, we found the process to register and validate our startup very easy and fast. Payment accelerating this process is optional. However, we recommend it for the simple reason that the month gained on the validation of your idea may allow you to move on or clarify specific points for your future users.
However, we will come back to this launch in another post.

This launch allowed us both to check our website ( but also our application ( The robustness test was simple and had to answer a question on each side:

  • Is the message on the website clear enough to understand our offer and value?
  • Does our application support the data and offer the expected value?

In both cases, we still have some work to do. This work allowed us to understand which points were resonating and which ones were more abstract. We made changes to the website, the message, screenshots and the explanation of the value.
At the level of the application, we were able to test a part of the onboarding but also the speed of data gathering and finally the general experience.
All this aims to improve our product before a more significant launch on Product Hunt when we are ready.

We prefer to use every opportunity we have to learn and start again if necessary. There is no point in keeping what you are working on for yourself. In the end, only your future consumers can judge you and give you the necessary feedback to move forward.
The topic of Social People Analytics is very complicated which pushes us to test and change our message on a regular basis.

Social people analytics interest

"What is the interest of digital marketers for analytics?" It is a question we asked ourselves. Of course, we see its interest every day in our daily work. By measuring the actions taken, we can understand and make predictions. We can predict actions and behaviors. Therefore, if we can measure them, we can act or interact proactively or passively. In a way, ask yourself this question to understand the usefulness of analytics: do you prefer to wait for something to break or do you prefer to keep it in good condition?

The problem is "analytics" is a complicated subject. What to do in front of the mass of data that we receive? Moreover, also what are the actions that can be taken with it?

That is why after developing a chart currently giving access to all interacting people with your Facebook page.

FieldPhoto by Jordan Pulmano on Unsplash

We have developed the same table for the data of your posts.

FieldPhoto by Jordan Pulmano on Unsplash

You now have access to one table to the reach, likes, comments, shares of your posts from your Facebook page. You can now compare the different posts at the same time as analysing the people interacting with you.

Latest News on Privacy

Finally last note, following the various news about privacy and user data. ReponseIO respects the last privacy rules established by Facebook, and from an internal point of view, we also respect the privacy of each one. We do not use your messages or use your data to resell anyone.

Stay tuned for more news!

Talk to us and connect with us @reponseio. We will be glad to receive comments on how to improve our analytics or just have a chat!

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