Social People Analytics in ReponseIO: What and How do we recover data?

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We are on a mission to empower digital marketers and social media managers. These people do a fantastic job and are very creative. As people with experience in creating value demonstrations ourselves, we know how important it is to have tools to measure and support our business.

ReponseIO provides this data about people interacting with your ads, posts, and messages. Get this data, to know your users, understand their enthusiasm for your business.

How does ReponseIO People Analytics work?

The operation of the platform is straightforward since it is a single operation that you can renew. One important thing to know and there is no limit on ReponseIO regarding numbers of accounts.

By logging in to ReponseIO, you arrive on your first window does not contain any account. We have improved this page by adding indications to understand the functioning of the high-level page.


The left side contains the area where you will find your accounts once added to the platform. The "Add a social account" option allows you to add as many accounts as you want. You must use this option to add Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.


Once these accounts are connected, ReponseIO will retrieve the data, and you will be redirected to the main page.

Note: Loading data may take some time depending on the success of your page and the number of interactions.

What data and which amount of data?

ReponseIO is currently collecting two weeks regarding data history when you first log in. Subsequently, these data are retrieved daily. Since your login, you will keep the data history.

Note: If you think this deserves to be increased, your feedback would be perfect on this poll or by contacting us on Twitter or Facebook.

This data is accessible using the "Dashboard" and "People" options on the menu.

  • The Dashboard option allows displaying the data on the page like the number of fans, the reach, the ratio of reached fans on the number of fans.


  • The People option displays information about followers interacting with your page.


You can find on this page a link to the profile of the person, his name, the date of the first and the last interaction, the number of reactions, comments, shares and messages exchanged. All these data are useful to help you engage and understand your community.

How to use that data?

We explained in our last blog post how you could use Social People Analytics to engage more.
You can also our platform to understand other things:

  • Learn about your followers. By having access to their profile, you can have a look at their interests and what they like. Sure you can try to use Facebook Audience, but what's best than accessing their profile to identify what they like. If you have many followers, you do not necessarily check all their profiles and just focus on the most active ones.
  • You can analyse the data based on the type of interaction the followers have with you. Facebook is focusing on meaningful engagement, and this is why one of our next goals is to link the interactions with the posts to understand the link between the two and the largest number of interactions depending on the topic.

Those are two ways to use this data to help you engage and also to help you get more from your activities. We also highlight in our article the fact that you could use this data to engage directly with them by direct messages.

For now, these social people analytics are only available on Facebook, and we are developing more capabilities inside the platform.

Try this app ReponseIO and tell us what you think. Come and join us to talk on Twitter.

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