The three pillars of ReponseIO

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Some time ago we launched our app on Betalist. This was our first step to becoming known and to attract beta testers for our app.

Betalist is “must-do” for a startup and it is recognized among the community. They reach a large network and it’s interesting to go through them to attract your first subscribers. We wanted to have a look at our traction to see if it was still a problem for a lot of people or just for some of them.

We don’t know yet our business model and we are still defining the details of our app. At the moment we are running internal tests. Our idea is starting to be more precise though. We made one bold move from the beginning and we want to stick to it.

In another post, we introduced how we came up with the idea of ReponseIO. We presented what we wanted to do and how.
We can’t show you what it will look like, we just have some sketches… And I don’t know if you will be able to understand them. But we are truly transparent so here they are.

ReponseIO will save you time

One of our pillars is to save time and bring the most to our users/customers. We want at first to reunite under one interface all the tools necessary for them to work and to fulfil their engagement to their clients or company.
You know your job and when I talked to social marketers, it was really a pain for them to spend so much time doing all those things that were for them a bit useless. They couldn’t handle more because they had to spend time getting used to tools instead of creating new content or spend the time to find other clients.
We want to change that.

ReponseIO saves your time & release the burden of your processes. It is going to be the hub for your community tweet this

ReponseIO is a tailored app

Our experience will be unique for each one of our customers. We want you to choose your experience.
Based on analytics we will gather for you, we want you to take action on it and decide the best way to engage with your own community.
By building ReponseIO this way, we are capable to empower everyone, to customize with their needs and their team.
Instead of having an app which is a “one size fits all”, you will be able to adapt the experience depending on the people and depending on their daily job.
We are still in the process of imagining how it’s going to work exactly but we know what we want and how we want it.

ReponseIO will give you control of your data

We decided to fully embrace this new era. I am not talking about bots here because it can be confusing and we are not sure what we want exactly but what we know is that today you don’t have access to everything you should have to help you make the perfect decision.
I just asked myself those questions: with the technology we have how can someone still blindly produce content? How can someone still guess what their community or their customers like?

As a product manager, my job is to understand my customers/users and I am their voice to develop a real product. Without the right tools, my job will be really hard. I guess this expertise is the root to create ReponseIO and to provide the same knowledge to social marketers.

Bring a community-centric expertise to social marketers and help them get more from their community tweet this

We want to build something different with ReponseIO. We want it to be YOUR personal assistant for Social Media Customer Experience Management. We will not reinvent the wheel. We will simply push the limits of what we know even further.

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I'd love to hear your thoughts about our strategy. What do you expect from the analytics that we are building? What do you expect from ReponseIO?

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